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Shakedown in base camp
Photo Credit Tom Kelmartin 2006; Troop 6, West Chester PA; Expedition 709-H2; Trek 26
Register for the 2021 seasonRegistration for summer crews begins in late October 18 months before a given summer. In December, the lottery determines trek date assignments Philmont strongly recommends that units register for the lottery to have the best chance of receiving their desired trek date, and to have adequate time to prepare for their trek. For more information click here
Its that time of yearWith the 2019 season over, Fall is the season when PS gets updated, overhauled and primed for the coming season. 2020 promises to stress me a little more than normal in that the addition of 9 day treks introduce a wrinkle. While the model invented for 7 day treks will work, the implementation did not anticipate yet another option, so, some cleanup and generalization is in order to make things work as expected. Be patient with me, you will see the odd error now and then when Im likely working on it … Ill try to be done before the Holidays. YiS Jim
New in 2020: 9-Day TreksPhilmont Scout Ranch is excited to announce 9-day treks as an additional program option available to those who want to participate in a Philmont trek. 9-day treks are an excellent option for those who want to spend more than a week in Philmont’s backcountry, but may not be able to make it out for a full 12-day trek due to travel or other factors.
Ute Park FireOn May 31st, 2018 the Ute Park Fire broke out and quickly spread to Philmonts central country. Ultimately, the fire consumed 36,740 acres of Philmont and surrounding neighboring lands. Support the recovery efforts here
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