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Sunrise from the porch at Sawmill (Best Sunrise (r))
Photo Credit Tom Drake 2006; Santa Clara County (CA) Council Contingent; Expedition 621-P; Trek 2
Treks BookAbout 15 Days until Trek data is available.
Does Anyone CareDoes PhilSearch provide a useful service or is it just hobby for me? … its important to know … It takes a fair amount of effort over a very short period of time to load the annual trek data into PS each year. If no one uses it then I can save myself a lot of effort. So let me know. A faceBook like of the PhilSearch Page is as good a way as any to do so … or an email to jim@philsearch.org along with a few pictures from a recent trek … perhaps from the photos needed section. This will be PhilSearch's 10th season, it’s a labor of love, a one man show, with no help from Philmont or the BSA. And so I'd like to know that it makes a difference for someone.
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