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Cutting & Stacking at Cito
Photo Credit Jim Thompson 2006; Troop 6, West Chester, PA; Expedition 709-H2; Trek 26
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Mapping[Task is Active as of 12/6/2006] This feature will provide routing choices between itinerary stops and provide distance and elevation profiles. Vision is a good thing. How I'm going to do this I haven't quite figured out yet.
8/22 - Thanks to Al Thomson I got the push I needed to figure this out - and I have a plan. Trek Search now will display route choices (if available) a big if as the data has to be hand assembled - check trek 26
9/3 50+ routes are in place with elevation profiles and mapped routes that are based on either USGS data, Philmont GIS data or GPS tracks..
9/15 Task on hold - this isn't the plan - I need a new plan
11/27 Rethinking approach, working to integrate teraserver maps as it has a web ape which should facilitate dynamic maps this will take some time but has better long term prospects than the current approach
12/6 I'm too dense to make TerraServer work well, Google Maps looks more promising
Fantasy TreksBuild your own trek. Initially in a structured way Must start at an existing starting camp, must choose a camp normally hiked to from that camp and so on. Later, unstructured.
ProximityProximity analysis - Provide a way to determine what other program might be available beyond those on the official itinerary by indicating features available at nearby camps that the crew might choose to side hike or detour too.
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