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PhotosI always need photos. You can see what I'm looking for here or you can look up your specific trek and year and click the camera icon and get a list like this As always thanks for you support. YiS Jim
RendevouzClearly with 2020 being cancelled the rendevouz feature is less useful. As such I've changed the display options so that it is no longer the default home page. That said, wouldn't it be nice to register the trek you were planning on and connecting with those you might have been with. Further, you could use the tour feature for a virtual 2020 trek .. Day by Day exploring wht might have been and what might be.
DedicationThis web site is dedicated to the literally thousands of Scouters who share their love of Philmont with youth and adults alike each season.

It is also dedicated to the scouting community at large without whom it would neither be possible or necessary. I'd like to recognize Dan Yoder for his ground breaking work in the area of web based trek modeling; Ben Salinas for his vision in attempting to construct a virtual tour of the ranch; Selden Ball for providing us with one stop shopping for information on the Ranch. Also I'd like to acknowledge Al Thomson, Tom Wills, Julian Love and Dr. Bob for their numerous contributions to the Philmont community and specifically to the "Peaks" project. Finally I'd like to thank the countless others who have provided, and continue to provide, encouragement, ideas, support and feedback.

Jim Thompson, August 2006
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